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Salesforce lightning training in Hyderabad – Online batch

Trainer NameMrs. Naveena
Trainer Experience10+ Years
Next Batch Date16th April 2023 AT 11:00AM
Training ModesOnline
Course Duration2 Months
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Salesforce Lightning Training in Hyderabad

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to Lightning Experience
  • Common business issues faced by companies today.
  • Lightning Component Framework
  • Introduction to aura framework
  • Enabling and Disabling of Lightning Experience for your organization
  • Migrating from Classic to Lightning Experience Vice-Versa
  • What is Domain Management?
  • Creating Custom Domain for the organization.
  • Configuring Custom Domain
  • Configuring Authentication Setting for your Domain
  • Lightning Inspector
  • Installing Lightning Inspector Extension
  • Enabling of Debug mode in Lightning Components
  • What is Static Resource?
  • Steps for Creating Static Resource
  • Stylesheet Creation using Static Resource
  • Using Lightning Component for embedding Static Resource
  • What is CSS?
  • Types of CSS
  • Creating Namespace for your organization
  • Creation of Lightning Resource using Console
  • Lightning Application
  • Lightning Component
  • Lightning Interface
  • Lightning Event
  • Steps for creating Lightning Component
  • Component
  • CSS Styles
  • Controller
  • Design
  • Documentation
  • Re-render
  • Helper
  • SVG File
  • Local IDs
  • Global IDs
  • Value Providers
  • Global Providers
  • Global ID
  • $Browser
  • $Label
  • $Locale
  • $Resource
  • What is Custom Labels?
  • Steps for Creating Custom Labels
  • Getting Label in Javascript
  • Setting Label using Parent Attributes
  • Creating Component Documentation
  • Designing in lightning Experience
  • Steps for creating Lightning Application
  • Application
  • Controller
  • Style
  • Documentation
  • Renderer
  • SVG
  • Adding of SVG resource to Component Bundle
  • Adding Lightning Component to application
  • Adding of lightning components to custom tab(lightning tab)
  • Adding of lightning page to custom tab(lightning page tab)
  • Adding of lightning components to app launcher
  • Enable Developing mode
  • over View about Developer Console
  • Installing Eclipse
  • Overview about using eclipse and options
  • Installing ant and Maven in the eclipse
  • What is Salesforce1?
  • Installing of Salesforce1 Simulator
  • Adding of Custom Tabs to Salesforce1


  • Lightning Pages
  • Lightning App Builder
  • Adding Lightning Components to Lightning Page
  • Displaying of Lightning Application in Visualforce Page
  • What is Event?
  • Creating Custom Component Event
  • Registering an Event
  • Handling Component Event
  • Insertion of data into object
  • Retrieving Data from particular object
  • Input Components
  • Output Components
  • Lightning Components
  • Force Components
  • Lightning Interface
  • SOQL & SOS

Salesforce lightning training in Hyderabad

Key Points

About Salesforce Lightning Training in Hyderabad

Salesforce Masters offers Salesforce Lightning training in Hyderabad to help you become familiar with the brand-new Lightning user interface. To support your move from the conventional salesforce interface, our training procedure walks you through each feature of the lightning interface. 

Salesforce Lightning training in Hyderabad program is a component-based framework that can help you sell more effectively, more quickly, and at your speed by streamlining business processes.

The greatest CRM system available right now for business management is Salesforce. The Lightning experience improves the current platform to provide a speedier platform by introducing a new user interface. 

Businesses that use the Salesforce Lightning Platform experience higher win rates, enhanced efficiency, greater collaboration, and quicker reporting. You get the greatest course structure with industry leaders as instructors by enrolling at Salesforce Masters. 

We are the only organization in Hyderabad that provides both online and in-person classroom training for Salesforce Lightning.

Modes of Training

Salesforce Admin course in Hyderabad

Salesforce Lightning Classroom Training

The Salesforce Masters' Salesforce Lightning classroom training is delivered in a real classroom format, giving students a hands-on learning experience. Enroll in the Salesforce Masters Salesforce Lightning Classroom Training to learn how to create Lightning applications and alter Salesforce user interfaces.

salesforce Admin course in hyderabad

Salesforce Lightning Course Online

Online training makes it possible for students to view the course materials and take part in interactive sessions from any location. It is perfect for working professionals or people with busy schedules because learners may learn at their own pace and convenience.

salesforce course in hyderabad

Salesforce Lightning Self-paced Video Training

Salesforce Lightning Self-paced Video Training is available from Salesforce Masters, giving students the flexibility to learn whenever and wherever they want, at their own pace. The training videos are professionally recorded and edited, ensuring high-quality content that is easy to understand and follow.

Salesforce Lightning Training?

Why choose us

Expert Trainers

Our instructors are highly skilled developers and implementers of Salesforce Lightning and are certified Salesforce professionals. They have an in-depth understanding of the platform and can provide useful tips, examples from the real world, and best practices to make the concepts easier for you to understand.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our Salesforce Lightning training program is thorough and covers all the necessary subjects for mastering Salesforce Lightning. Our training program covers everything, from comprehending Lightning components and developing Lightning pages to applying Lightning experience and utilizing the Lightning Design System.


We provide adaptable training alternatives to fit into your busy schedule. Depending on your desire and convenience, you can select from a variety of training options, including online, in a classroom, and self-paced video training. We also provide flexible scheduling so you can learn at your speed.

Practical Use Cases

Our training course offers real-world use cases that show how Salesforce Lightning is applied in various contexts. This makes the training more useful and meaningful to your work role by demonstrating how Salesforce Lightning can be utilized to handle regular business challenges.

Affordable Pricing

Our Salesforce Lightning training is available to a broad spectrum of learners because of our affordable and reasonable pricing. We prioritize providing value for your money by making sure you can afford to obtain top-notch training.

Placement Assistance

We offer advice on effective job search techniques, such as locating relevant job openings, utilizing job boards, and utilizing Salesforce employment portals. Our trainers can provide advice on how to efficiently look for and apply for employment related to Salesforce Lightning, such as those for Salesforce Consultant, Salesforce Administrator, and Salesforce Developer.

About Salesforce Masters

Salesforce Masters is one of the best Salesforce training institute in Ameerpet Hyderabad with industry experts trainers. we have bee doing best in Salesforce training over past 3 years and till now we successfully trained 800+ students across Hyderabad and Telangana we provide Salesforce placement assistance, Salesforce certification and support. join today in Salesforce masters we will provide e book and right skill set and make you ready for real time challenge.

Testimonials of Salesforce course in Hyderabad

Rajiv Sharma

I recently completed the Salesforce Lightning training at Salesforce Masters, and I am thrilled with the results. The trainers were knowledgeable and experienced, and the course content was comprehensive. The real-time demos and practical workshops helped me gain practical skills that I could apply immediately in my job. The placement assistance provided by Salesforce Masters was invaluable in helping me land my dream job as a Salesforce Developer. I highly recommend Salesforce Masters for Salesforce Lightning training.

Priya Patel

I had a great experience with Salesforce Lightning training at Salesforce Masters. The trainers were patient and explained the concepts clearly and concisely. The interactive Q&A sessions helped clarify my doubts, and the practical workshops provided a hands-on experience that boosted my confidence in using Salesforce Lightning. The resume review and interview preparation provided by Salesforce Masters helped me secure a job as a Salesforce Administrator. I am grateful for the quality training and placement assistance provided by Salesforce Masters.

Amit Singh

I enrolled in the Salesforce Lightning training at Salesforce Masters, and it exceeded my expectations. The trainers were experts in Salesforce Lightning, and the training materials were up-to-date and relevant. The personalized approach of the trainers helped me grasp the concepts quickly, and the real-time demos provided a clear understanding of the features and functionalities of Salesforce Lightning. The job search support and networking opportunities provided by Salesforce Masters helped me connect with potential employers, and I am now working as a Salesforce Consultant. I highly recommend Salesforce Masters for Salesforce Lightning training.

Neha Sharma

I am extremely grateful for the Salesforce Lightning training I received at Salesforce Masters. The trainers were highly knowledgeable and provided a comprehensive understanding of the Salesforce Lightning platform. The practical exercises and assignments helped me gain hands-on experience, and the regular assessments ensured my progress. The placement assistance provided by Salesforce Masters, including resume review and interview preparation, was instrumental in helping me secure a job as a Salesforce Developer. I highly recommend Salesforce Masters for anyone looking to excel in Salesforce Lightning.

Ravi Khanna

I had a wonderful experience with the Salesforce Lightning training at Salesforce Masters. The trainers were patient and explained complex concepts in a simplified manner. The training materials were well-structured, and the hands-on labs provide practical experience. The trainers also shared industry insights and best practices, which were invaluable. The placement assistance, including job search support and interview preparation, was exceptional and helped me land a job as a Salesforce Administrator. I am grateful to Salesforce Masters for its top-notch training and support.

Simran Kaur

I highly recommend Salesforce Masters for Salesforce Lightning training. The trainers were highly skilled and provided in-depth knowledge of the Salesforce Lightning platform. The interactive sessions and real-world examples helped me understand the concepts thoroughly. The practical workshops and assignments provided ample opportunity to apply the learning. The placement assistance provided by Salesforce Masters, including resume review and networking opportunities, helped me secure a job as a Salesforce Consultant. I am thankful to Salesforce Masters for its excellent training and support in my Salesforce career journey.


We at Salesforce Masters provide thorough Salesforce Lightning training in Hyderabad that gets you ready for the certification exam. You will acquire the information and abilities required to become a certified Salesforce Lightning professional through our training program.

After completing the course at Salesforce Masters students will also get a course completion certificate which is recognized by the industry. This certification will increase your job opportunities in the job market.

Salesforce course in Hyderabad

Our accomplishments/ expertise.

100+ Students Trained
45+ Students placed in MNCs
Professional trainers
8+ Batches completed

Benefits of Salesforce Lightning

Automated Sales

It's nearly impossible to maintain 100% efficiency when it comes to turning leads into sales. Organizations now create distinctive tactics to increase conversion rates. However, the outcome could not be what was expected. The sales process will be automated with the updated features of Salesforce Lightning. Your sales pipeline will be automatically designed by a function called "Sales Path." If that's still not enough, Sales Path will give you the next course of action in the event that something went wrong. This will enable you to respond quickly and efficiently while engaging leads and earning their trust.

Dashboard and Reports

Reports and dashboards have been overhauled by Salesforce Lightning. The more recent version is more interactive and simpler to use while updating. Without reading through the reports, sales reps can now quickly obtain all the necessary information via the interactive graphic. Its dashboard builder makes it simple to create dashboards with components that span over three columns. Through its newly designed home pages, its new UI greatly simplifies the process of discovering reports.

Lightning Builder

To create apps, you don't have to be a skilled core developer. Anyone may use Lightning Builder to create unique pages for the Lightning Experience and construct desktop and mobile apps by dragging and dropping Lightning Components. In Lightning Builder, there are three different sorts of components: Salesforce-built pre-built components, Lightning Exchange-built components created by partners, & custom components.

Enhanced Productivity & Functionality

The idea that Salesforce Lightning in Hyderabad is only a visual modification is one that is frequently held. The Lightning platform offers substantial improvements over Classic because it was completely revamped. Lightning pages' adaptability is a prime example. Each page you design with Lightning is constructed on a canvas that you may customize, giving you complete control over the placement of the pieces. And the Lightning experience provides a wealth of productivity tools that can help any user complete their task more quickly. Users can access many of their favorite tools in Lightning on the same screen, including global actions, utility bar components, and their favorite list. Page-specific features, such as the Kanban view and homepage reminders, give you a command center where you can better organize your work. Your staff will save time due to all of these advantages, which will enable them to accomplish more in less time. Improved financial results are the direct result of that.

Skills Developed Post Salesforce Lightning Training in Hyderabad

Career Opportunities

Salesforce Lightning  training in Hyderabad it provides a wide range of career prospects for people with knowledge of the robust and popular CRM platform. Lightning has emerged as the go-to option for organizations looking to speed up their sales, service, and marketing processes because of its cutting-edge and user-friendly design. 

Here are some of the career opportunities in Salesforce Lightning:


For creating unique apps and user interfaces on the Salesforce platform, Salesforce Lightning is a cutting-edge and potent user interface (UI) framework. It delivers a responsive and attractive user interface (UI) that boosts productivity, improves user experience, and seamlessly integrates with other Salesforce features and operations.

No, Salesforce Lightning offers a variety of visual tools, such as Lightning Flow and the Lightning App Builder, that let you build unique workflows and apps without using any code. But if you’re proficient in web coding languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you can use Lightning Components to create deeper and unique features for Salesforce Lightning.

Yes, Salesforce Lightning is built with responsive user interfaces that adjust to different screen sizes and devices, making it mobile-friendly. This makes it possible for users to access Salesforce on their smartphones and tablets and carry out operations like reading records, updating data, and managing tasks while on the go.

There are no prerequisites to learning Salesforce lightning at Salesforce Masters. However, If you are familiar with web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript can be an added advantage but is not mandatory

All sizes and types of businesses can use Salesforce Lightning. It offers an adaptable and expandable foundation for creating unique applications and user interfaces that can be modified to suit the particular requirements of your company. Salesforce Lightning can be an appropriate choice for both small and large businesses looking to build sophisticated custom apps or simplify their sales and customer service processes.

Yes, after completing the Salesforce Lightning training course, Salesforce Masters provides a course completion certificate. To improve your employment possibilities, you can also get prepared for the Salesforce Lightning certification examinations.

Yes, Salesforce Masters frequently updates its training curriculum to include the most recent Salesforce Lightning features and functions. To make sure it includes the most recent market trends, industry best practices, and Salesforce updates, the curriculum is regularly evaluated and updated.

Generally, it can range from 3 to 6 months to complete. You can check the course details on the Salesforce Masters website or contact our team for more information.

Yes, Salesforce Masters offers its students post-training support. Even after finishing the course, you can get in touch with the instructors or the support staff if you have any further queries or need any clarifications relating to the Salesforce Lightning training.


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